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Education Fees Planning
Supporting your children’s future.
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We all want our children to have good prospects, which is why education fees planning are a vital wealth management matter that shouldn’t be overlooked. There really are very few things that are more important than making sure they have a bright and happy future ahead of them.

Organising your financial planning to take education fees into account is even more crucial if you’re an expat or international worker – in many countries funding your children’s education will be entirely your own responsibility.
Even if you’re not an expat, the cost of private schooling and university fees continue to rise. Education costs for just one child will punch a big hole in anyone’s savings – if you have two or more children the bills can literally run into tens of thousands of pounds.


For most of us that kind of money is hard to find, which is why education fees planning is such a critical wealth management matter.

A Good Education Is Worth Much More Than Money

As an expat worker abroad, it may well be that you yourself received a good education and attended university. Whether this is the case or not, you will understand that the value of a good education far outweighs the costs involved.

A quality education will open many doors for your children, offering important benefits such as:


  • Enhanced study opportunities

  • Enhanced career opportunities

  • Better teaching/learning resources

  • Increased extra-curricular opportunities

  • Increased self-esteem


If you have children, education fee planning is an important part of your wealth management strategy and not something to be left to chance.

Helping You To Create An Education Fee Fund

At Alpha-Omega Private Wealth we understand that as a parent, trying to give your children the best in life is only natural. We also understand that finding the money to fulfil this is not easy.


We have the experience to offer advice and guidance on building a fund for private schooling and university and are used to working with expats across the world with differing circumstances.

Alpha-Omega Private Wealth will explain the options available from the many savings and investment solutions for education fees planning, including some you may not have considered, such as pooling resources with grandparents.

For more information about education fees planning, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask for our advice.

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